#ghack Building a level-up mechanic in Gametize

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    There's also an alternative method where you can create this level-up effect - by manually assigning the Achievement badges based on points accumulated by Players. Here's how we will do it:

    Step 1, formulate the different tiers based on points. For example, 300 points = Tier 1; 500 points - Tier 2; 1000 points - Tier 3. 

    Step 2, create the Achievement badges*, each to represent the respective Tiers. For example, Bronze - Tier 1; Silver = Tier 2; Gold = Tier 3.

    (*Pro tip: There is no need to map the individual Achievements to any specific Topic. But since selecting an Achievement rule is required to create an Achievement, make sure you select one where Players are unable to unlock - this is critical for the final step.)

    Step 3, using the Analytics Report, specifically download the Player Data to find out which are the Players for the respective tiers. Separate them into different excel spreadsheet. 

    Step 4, bypass the Achievement unlocking rule by manually awarding these Achievements. 


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