What is Gametize App 2.0?




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    From Damon Widjaja

    Gametize Showcase iOS app has now been updated. 
    Version 1.0.0 Build 13

    - [System] Updated Flutter engine to 3.x
    - [Feature] Added support for enterprise SSO
    - [Feature] Added support for notification type inbox
    - [UI/UX] Only show team achievement tab in achievement page when team achievements is available else will be hidden, and always default to team achievement tab if it is not hidden
    - [UI/UX] Ability to toggle leaderboard from overview mode to full mode even if user is in the top 10 or not on the leaderboard
    - [UI/UX] Moved user rank status image to bottom right hand corner (Reinstated crown for leaderboard)
    - [UI/UX] Revamped quiz results presentation in challenge profile
    - [UI/UX] Added switch tab button and tab animation to topic/project about page + removed back to project button + revamped interaction with topic/project card
    - [Bug Fix] Progress bar edge rounded corner is not rendered
    - [Bug Fix] Major bug - Challenge profile page is corrupted when completion text field is highlighted and map widget is visible
    - [Bug Fix] Optional entry fields are showing empty text in custom-form challenge
    - [Bug Fix] Topic action button (“Start“, “Continue“ and “Completed“) are not getting updated after user completed a challenge
    - [Bug Fix] Font type defined is not applied in most pages
    - [Bug Fix] Bookmark status not getting updated correctly after user bookmark or remove bookmark for challenge
    - [Bug Fix] Information card “View” button does not reflect “Locked” status
    - [Bug Fix] Completion comment, vote status image and vote count does not get updated correctly
    - [Bug Fix] Challenge vote status image and vote count does not get updated correctly
    - [Bug Fix] Video completion are not showing in correct aspect ratio in completion list
    - [Bug Fix] Notification count does not get cleared off after viewing it in project page

    The link to download the iOS Beta app:

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    Gametize Team please add the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k8gytE7qI4 into the post, as well as adding screenshots of 2.0

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