Suggestion to Include Location when Creating Player Account

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    This feature is already available to allow Players to update their own personal particulars to indicate their location. However, this is an opt-in feature, due to privacy and data protection laws and regulations. At the moment, this data is only passively collected and not used or shared with external parties in any way. 

    We are currently planning improvements to our analytics features, and geolocating where users are accessing Projects from is being considered very seriously. If or when we proceed, we will also be anonymizing this information, to protect user data adequately. Do note that there are additional complications associated with this functionality, mainly regarding VPN, location spoofing, and other such concerns which we are taking into our consideration.

    Additionally, some location data for Challenge Completions is also collected if the user grants such permissions, but is not yet integrated into our analytics module and is also part of our planned Analytics improvements. 

    Do stay tuned and we will have future updates on our Analytics module improvements!

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