[Admins] Ability for admins to duplicate projects




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    We are glad to share that Project Administrators may now duplicate Projects freely with no restriction. Do note that the duplicated Project will be created with the duplicating Admin as the Project Owner, and on Gametize.com, on a free plan. Additionally, only content will be duplicated and not Player-related data (i.e. Completions, Comments, Votes, Points, Teams, earned Achievements, purchased Rewards, etc. will not be duplicated).

    In addition, we have also allowed Administrators to add and remove other Administrators. Previously, only Project Owners could add/remove Administrators, while Project Administrators could only add/remove Moderators.

    These changes have already been done on Gametize.com, and our Enterprise platforms will be getting these improvements as we update them.

    We hope this will ease the management of Projects on our platform, and if anyone has feedback on this change, please do let us know! Thank you, and keep Gametizing!

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    Upvoting too, as this restriction has more cons (very inconvenient) than benefits (a figurative hurdle for admins to "steal" content) at the moment. 

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