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    Gametize Support

    Hi Keith! 

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The functionality you describe is already present and you can format the link to a Player's profile as such:

    https://app.gametize.com/project/[PROJECT ID]/user/[USER ID]

    However, we do note that this was not apparent at the time you were trying this as you were likely trying to share your own profile using the page's URL on your browser - if you were to access another Player's profile via the Leaderboard, Teams, Activity Feed, or other places where another Player's profile could be viewed, you could retrieve the page URL from there. Still, this is noted to be a UX issue and we will propose to our UX Design team to work on a "Share Profile" button that makes the specific URL to view a Player's profile easily accessible.

    For your convenience, if you would like the link to your own profile, you can view it here: https://app.gametize.com/project/1/user/12

    Thank you again for your request, and we will update this thread again when we have more updates. In the meantime, have fun and keep Gametizing!

    Best regards,

    Gametize Team

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    Brenda Nicole Tan Vicott Wong bumping this for you :D

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