[Notification] Scheduled Notifications

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    Gametize Support

    This post is closed for comments as it is similar to Admin-triggered Content Notifications. Please refer the post for more information

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    Li Xin

    Want to add a note on "an option for admins to create and schedule notification, not tied to any content".

    There are a couple of workarounds that I can imagine as opposed development a whole new notification function - some part of an existing feature we have, some not yet developed:

    1. Using the Inbox feature to push out Announcements - as a form of notifying the user about the new content (still on Beta). Of course, this lacks the reminder function. 
    2. To ride on the notification for scheduled content - not yet developed
      - Create a Topic meant for 'Notifications' or 'Reminders'
      - Schedule Flashcards for reminders you would like to set, at a date and time of your choice
      - Pair that notification function (not yet developed)  to the scheduled content
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