[Administration] Option for Admin's name to be in the "Comment Author"

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    Lee Chuan Xin


    We apologise for the current confusing workflow; we understand that commenting through the dashboard can be a little ambiguous now.

    It is indeed we intended all comments coming from the dashboard to behave as if they come from a single account (in this case the Project Owner), with the belief that such comments can be viewed as "official" comments from the game creator(s). Unfortunately, it currently looks like as a Project Owner, adding someone as an Administrator to your Project also allows them to post (almost unintentionally) on your behalf.

    As a quick hotfix, I have currently renamed all "Comment" functionalities in the dashboard to "Admin Comment". You can see a few examples of where you will see such functionalities in the screenshots below, where the old "Post a Comment" copywriting has been replaced with "Post an Admin Comment". You should be able to see that in the next deployment.

    For starters, we hope this articulates our intended design temporarily - to differentiate between commenting as a Player from the Gametize apps or player web, and commenting as an Administrator/Moderator/Project Owner altogether from the dashboard.

    Going forward, we have a couple of ideas for enhancing this feature even more, as well as hopefully removing this ambiguity entirely. We will be listing them down here.

    1. Make it a default that Administrators / Moderators / Project Owners post as themselves when commenting (from the dashboard or as a Player), but include labels of their administrative status. For instance, if Chuan Xin the Project Owner posts a comment to his Topic, the author of his comment will be listed as "Chuan Xin [Project Owner]".
    2. When posting a comment from the dashboard, these comments should still look like they come from a single account. Currently, the interface prints the Project Owner's Player Name instead of his / her administrative status, which may also undermine the comment entirely. We propose printing all comments from the dashboard to be authored by "Administrator" instead, regardless of the Project Owner's Player Name.
    3. As mentioned, we can have a checkbox with the option to post on behalf of the Project Owner or to post as yourself. We will be informing you through the updated copywriting that the default option will be posting on behalf of the Project Owner.

    I will flag this as "For Consideration" for now, because we are still exploring solutions on handling this. I will be passing these solutions and any further feedback to our Product Manager for evaluation.

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