[Challenge] Insufficient information on downloadable QR Code




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    Lee Chuan Xin


    For the time-being, we sought a front-end solution to resolving this. Instead of requesting Admin users to download the QR code image and print it directly, I have created a printable page where they can print the QR code as well as the Challenge Title and Challenge ID.


    The former "Right click on this code and select 'Save Image As ...' to download a high-resolution version" copywriting will be replaced with the new "Click on the button below to view, download or print the high-resolution version of this code" copy.


    Clicking the "View High-Resolution QR Code" button will open a new window with a printable page. The QR code, Challenge Title and Challenge ID will be available there.


    Click on the "Print This Page" button to print the QR code together with the Challenge Title and Challenge ID.


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