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    Just wanted to voice some concerns regarding this item here, and we can discuss them further!

    First, some clarity on the subject of language packs and such:

    • There are essentially 2 types of text apparent to the user in any project, the UI text and the Project content. UI text strings are defined by the developers in a specified file, and are counted as static "resources" for the relevant text to be shown. Project content is defined by Project admins and is fetched dynamically through API calls.
    • Language packs can replace the contents of UI text to the desired language, and is controlled exclusively by the user's system language - i.e. if your device/browser's set language has a supported language pack, the content of the language pack will be used as opposed to the "default" one.
    • Project content, understandably, has no support for multiple languages. The content uploaded to the CMS is displayed as it is uploaded. This means that when Chinese characters are uploaded into a content field (Challenge Title, for example), Chinese characters will be shown regardless of the language.

    There is an alternative solution that an admin can use to make it appear that multiple languages are supported, and it's by duplicating the topic(s), replacing the content with the equivalent translations, and adding Players to the Topic which is in the Player's preferred language (currently no way for users to be "funneled" into Topics automatically - we can discuss that in a different post!)

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