[Rewards / Achievements] Automatically include sample achievements/rewards, that are unpublished




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    Lee Chuan Xin

    From the UX perspective, I like the idea of sample Achievements and Rewards. I have my doubts about Templates, which I have addressed in the points below.

    However, I marked this under "For Consideration" first. These implementations require cross-functional disciplines and coordination, so I will leave it to the Product Manager to set this in stone on his roadmap if there's a strong justification for this feature.


    A few considerations:

    • Duplicating Demo Game Walkthrough (Project ID 506; for existing Admin accounts with 0 Projects, and all new Admin accounts) is already planned and in development. Achievements in Demo Game Walkthrough will get copied too. Will having sample Achievements in new Projects still be necessary?
    • When duplicating a Project, the duplicated Project will be in the Free Plan. Thus, there will be no way to access the duplicated Rewards. In other words, we may need sample Rewards for new Projects since Admin users won't be able to access the duplicated Demo Game Walkthrough's rewards.
    • We went with duplicating the entire Demo Game Walkthrough as opposed to duplicating individual Topics into new Projects. This is because there will be Admin users who prefer to create new Projects cleanly, without the need to remove the sample (albeit unpublished and private) Topics.
    • I believe we should have sample Rewards, but we have to make do with a decrease in user experience from the perspective of cleanliness. Similar to the problem posed in the previous point, for an Admin user obsessed with having a clean new Project, he has to manually delete the sample Rewards every time he creates a new Project.
    • Regarding Reward and Achievement Templates, Project and even Topic Templates are brilliant ideas because game structures, Challenge orders and content are automatically generated for you. For Rewards and Achievements, we do not have multi-tiered content and structure to worry about. I imagine such Templates will just a series of simple pre-built settings with specific sets of rules, descriptions, quantities, prices etc. If so, won't it be easier to simply have sample Achievements / Rewards, and have the Admin users work off the samples as opposed to creating new ones through templates?


    A few things I will need:

    • Working with the Business team to come up with a couple of ideas for sample Achievements and Rewards.
    • Likewise, for Rewards and Achievement Templates
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    Prasanth Karthikeyan

    I foresee that there will be similar issues with doing this that we had when automatically inserting Projects for new Admins - I'm not a huge fan of such actions as though they may be "simple efforts", they will likely miss the mark without an accompanying walkthrough or article and we will run into issues with analytics and content references as we had in the past. Will be closing this until we can find a neater solution.

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