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    Gametize Support

    We are looking into revamping the content duplication functionality. This is still under internal discussion, but you may see the thread here

    With that, I will be closing this thread. 

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    Lee Chuan Xin

    Hello Keith,

    This feature is available internally for Ninja or Superadmin accounts.

    As a Ninja / Superadmin, you can duplicate Topics across Projects by doing the following:

    (1) Click on your Ninja HQ or Admin Options menu
    (2) Click on the Basic Platform Settings link in the menu
    (3) Open up the 'Copy Content' section's menu
    (4) Under Copy Topic, fill in the Topic ID of the Topic you intend to duplicate.
    (5) Fill in the Project ID or Project Code of the Project you intend to copy your Topic into

    However, we do not intend for this feature to be available to regular Project Admin nor Project Owner accounts at the moment. Briefly, we want to prevent the unauthorized replication of data from one Project to another, given the various access rights any dashboard user can have for each Project.

    We will let you know again if we do re-look the situation and put this back under consideration!

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