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    Lee Chuan Xin

    Hello Keith,

    In the recent deployment of, the challenge images and embedded micro-sites are set to be expanded on separate dialogs. You can view the examples here:

    Expandable Challenge Image: (click on the Challenge Image to expand it)

    Expandable Embedded Micro-site: (click on the "expand" icon on the top-right hand corner of the IFRAME to expand it into a dialog)

    Our backend developers are still in the midst of cleaning up the code for embedding micro-sites. Meanwhile, we currently only support website embeds with the "?.pdf" extension as a workaround on our platform, so please do continue to append your website URLs with"?.pdf".

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    Thank you Chuanxin! This looks great. I would still recommend to optimize the image's size to be increased when viewed on widescreen. Not as urgent. 

    Also, a permanent small right icon can be placed on bottom right corner to indicate the image can be zoomed. Also not as urgent.

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