[Challenge] Duplicating challenges with options



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    Prasanth Karthikeyan

    A long-awaited feature, and one that we have finally implemented on the platform!

    You may now edit challenge options (for challenges which have options, except for Custom Form Challenges*) as a Project Owner or Administrator. The caveat is that the challenge may not have any completions on it when the options are being edited.

    In order to do so for older challenges, you may (a) delete all completions on the Challenge before editing the options if you do not need to retain the completions on it or (b) duplicate the challenge and proceed to edit the options on the duplicated challenge before publishing the new one and unpublishing the old one, allowing you to keep the completions on the older challenge.

    Do note that editing the points to be awarded for completions are not retroactive, which means that older completions may be awarded different points from newer ones.

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