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    Lee Chuan Xin


    app.gametize.com has been recently deployed with a few changes.

    No feedback screen to indicate Achievement has been earned

    This has been fixed. When submitting a comment, a pop-up will now be displayed telling you the Achievement(s) you have earned from submitting it. Closing the pop-up will direct you back to the Comments section for you to continue commenting.

    Icon of Achievement in Topic page still shows lock icon/greyed out ... although, if I do click into the locked icon, it does show "unlocked __ minutes ago", so it is unlocked.

    There's currently a bug on the API end regarding the Achievements' locked/unlocked statuses. This causes the front-end interfaces for the player web/Android/iOS to display Achievements' locked statuses incorrectly and very inconsistently.

    A fix is on the way, and it should be ready by our deployment next week.


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