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    Prasanth Karthikeyan

    Hi Firly!

    Pricing for Enterprise plans is usually hidden in most (if not all) similar service providers. Github's pricing page, for example, is a clear example of this. The most common reason is that Enterprise clients' needs may differ greatly from each other and a custom quote is often necessary.

    Agreed that the option on our own page is rather hidden, and I am in favour of making an additional card on the Gametize pricing page to show a brief overview of Gametize's Enterprise offerings (but still keeping the cost "hidden"). We will, however, need some input from Keith and Wena regarding this as I am sure they have their own opinions on the matter. 

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Haha hi, butting in. 

    I agree with Prasanth as pricing for Enterprise Plans can and will constantly change and is tailored for each client. Following GitHub:

    So, a page with a general overview of the offerings available (e.g. white-label app, setup, service hours) and a CTA to get them to enquire.

    EDIT: We have one here but it's a bit hidden / not really maintained, let me work on this.

    In the meantime, good to maybe create a page like GitHub's? 

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    Good points put across here actually.

    Just putting across my take on the 'show' of pricing though - a few factors we may also consider:

    1) The pricing as a benchmark: Most of the time when I'm in calls with the client and we reach the costing part, I will redirect them to our pricing page and this is for 2 reasons; a) To show transparency on our pricing b) To use the pricing as a benchmark. I'll elaborate more below.

    2) Continuing from #1 my assumption is that most users who view a pricing list for most solutions know what they're 'roughly' getting into (e.g. Wrike for project management, Fresh Sales for CRM, Tunnel Bear for VPN, etc). When someone says "gamification platform" it often ends up into a short conversation, the reason being its not a solution many are familiar with. Just a recent experience with another client - they're cost sensitive but not because of a tight budget but they often weigh their risk of uncertainty on a new project/initiative, our list of offerings did little to convince them otherwise but they're able to make decisions they're comfortable with based on the price and what we've negotiated.

    3) On the next point - transparency helps because admittedly, there are not many other companies that provide the solutions we do. The question of "what is the market rate" of our or others' solution and offerings becomes very arbitrary in a meeting or discussion because it is hard to find a market rate. When we make our pricing visible, it is easier for them to reverse engineer a budget for their co. and get into a conversation with us. It's a good anchor for them and us.

    4) On the last point, we work on 2 revenue models. SaaS and Enterprise. And a lot of our leads still confuse these 2 and some even have the idea the list of offerings between these are the same. The difference in pricing between the 2 are often asked by our leads but that's a good thing - "I want to know more why I'm paying such a difference and what I can expect out of it"

    So all the points here are strongly connected and not have our pricing visible actually makes it harder for us when leads start to contest how much we're charging them.

    Just curious why this question resurfaced after 9 months in the chiller.


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    That's fair, I wanted to add Keith created a page on corp which has the pricing visible. (

    We should still have a page on to let leads understand about Gametize's enterprise offerings, and still have pricing hidden due to the fact it's not as maintainable as our Wordpress (I can imagine if there are changes in pricing and this page isn't updated, there may be some troubles...).

    From, simply link them to if they still wish to learn more about pricing.


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