#ghack Saving all images submitted in a challenge


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    Gametize Support

    Main concern is the potential enormous data and download speed.

    Back in 2015, we tested the project level completions report with image downoad for the top performing project. It took 40-60mins to download the report. It also requires much memory on the server to generate the report.

    Hence, we decided to limit the access to the function on Gametize.com for UX concern (slow download gives a bad impression of performance issue) and also concern on server resources.

    Due to performance considerations, these decisions were made:

    • We only show the image download option for topic/challenge level reports

    • On Gametize.com, we limit it further such that only Ninja accounts are allowed to download these reports.

    • For Enterprise Platforms, all admin accounts have access to those options.

    • For project level report, the option is not displayed. However, the functionality is there via a “secret” link.


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