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    Prasanth Karthikeyan

    Interesting proposition, I have recorded it down for future consideration!

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    Rather low priority for now. 

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    Lee Chuan Xin

    Bumping this to mention a use case suggested during the 14 December 2018 workshop.

    One Admin user wants his players to be able to join Teams without giving any of his players administrative access to his Project. This means players should be able to request invitations to teams, accept other players' requests to join teams, etc, without access to the Admin Dashboard.

    A suggested workflow for players being able to join teams themselves:
    (1) In a Create Team page, a checkbox can be added with "Allow players to request team invitations or invite players to team".
    (2) The checkbox, when clicked, will display a field/dropdown etc to nominate a player as the team leader.
    (3) The player, if not already added to the Project, will be invited to the Project.
    (4) The player will be added to the Team as the Team Leader.
    (5) From the player web/mobile interface, other players can visit the team profile and request to join the team.
    (6) Team Leader will be able to receive notifications (through old notifications interface, or Notifications in Inbox service) about incoming requests, and accept or deny them accordingly.

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    Thank you Chuanxin, at this point though this seems to be a luxurious feature, but if an Enterprise client (or the one at that workshop) requires this urgently, I will bump this up. 

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    Mike Wong

    I certainly need this feature for my coming project this month.

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    Hi, just wanted to add a note that one of our clients also mentioned this would be a good feature. Still low priority, but may be good to add to the pipeline.

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