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    Prasanth Karthikeyan

    Hmm an interesting idea! I think something like this was the norm back in the early days of Gametize, but it was being used in a different context back then... The tech team will discuss and see what consensus we reach regarding this!

    Post-discussion notes:

    Such a system, while possible, would require a major redesign and rework of how the Gametize platform functions. Doing so might also make it difficult for admins to structure their content as the same classification constraints currently imposed would have to remain to ensure consistency across old and new projects. Additionally, current admins may have difficulty adopting the new system of bottom-up creation, requiring us to support both top-down and bottom-up approaches; this would make enforcing a consistent user experience for the project creation process difficult. For these reasons, we are not planning to implement this feature at this time. Regardless, this request will be documented and archived in case this discussion needs to be revived! 

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