[Web] Gametize 2.0 - After registering a new account



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    Lee Chuan Xin

    Sorry for the delayed response!

    We have fixed this a while back, so that the URL addresses users are re-directed can be stored within the browser session.

    This means when logging in after registering or without registering beforehand, you should be re-directed to the correct page you were previously at.

    These re-directed addresses will not be stored indefinitely though. For user experience considerations, the browser will not continue storing them if you close the same window or tab you want to be re-directed to before logging in, or if you try to open a new window to log in from.

    Again, due to user experience considerations, these re-directed addresses will not be saved upon logging out. So if you have one account, log out, and log in with another account, you will be re-directed to the Gametize home page as opposed to the page you logged out from.

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